This is the opening to my Mum’s novel, she’s letting me post it here to show you guys! Please note — this piece is copyrighted and mustn’t be tampered with in any way shape or form. Do not repost it, don’t alter it, don’t manipulate this post in any way. With that out of the way have fun reading the work of the person I aspire to be like the most. <3

If you like Fairy Tail, magic, medieval settings, etc, etc, you’ll most definitely like her story when the publisher releases it. PS. Lucan is my baby.

Edit: You can like her page on facebook if you want to keep up with novel progress and the likes. She also offers mentoring services, etc, which you can find on her website ~

A tiny flame danced upon the shoulder of its conjurer. Steadily growing to the size of a small fist, it cast a golden glow into the darkness. A gentle sweep of its master’s fingers sent it soaring into the air where it bounced from branch to branch of a large oak tree. Momentarily it sat and then it was off again, darting dutifully upon its way. Disappearing into the dense greenery it wove through the foliage with no concern for the weary handful of guards that had the treacherous job of following it. A day and half they had travelled without sleep and unlike the flame that they followed, the guards were not blessed with the power of flight. The ground rose and fell beneath their feet, exactly as nature intended it. Specks of moonlight taunted them, casting nothing more than flecks upon their heavy woollen cloaks. The ground itself remained shrouded in darkness and their every footstep risked a fall.

Closest to the fist of light, Quinn Arcana’s emerald eyes never left his creation. His heavy boots crushed without mercy, all that they fell upon. A mere footfall behind him, Lucan Feritare, captain of the guards. A good few inches shorter than Quinn, Lucan relied upon his leader’s footfall for guidance. Ever vigilant, Lucan kept one hand curled around the hilt of his sheathed sword, the very sword he had used to cut short the lives of many.